Answer industry questions and provide relevant, up-to-date information to help independents gain the knowledge they need about the industry to set and achieve their goals;
To do so in a manner that is economical and efficient;
To do so in a time frame that fits each person or entities’ exact needs; and
And provide that information in an easy to understand way that allows you to put the information into immediate practice to further your career/company objectives.
From 15 minute increments for people who have a few basic questions about the industry and how it works;
To longer term consultations for people or entertainment entities that need more in-depth consulting help;
To everything in between.

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The basic idea came about from attending various entertainment conferences and hearing artists, producers and small business owners stand up at the end of the industry panels and start their questions with, “I have questions and no one in the industry will take my calls and explain anything to me.” Then that person would ask the one question they were allowed at the end of the panel and get a quick response (if they even make it to the microphone before the questioning is cut off). People in the industry need to have a place to go where someone will provide them with the information they need to understand this ever-changing industry and also how to apply that knowledge to where they are now in the business and how to get where they want to go. The industry is constantly moving and shifting and how things are accomplished and who best to help you accomplish your goals is constantly changing.

ARCSC will provide you with the information you need to be successful and when necessary, ARCSC has third parties to partner with to help you efficiently and effectively accomplish your entertainment industry goals.